Monday, October 19, 2009

... Back, by popular demand...

Alright, well, maybe only two or three people mentioned they wanted me to update my blog...but...I'll take it. And maybe my sister told me I only update my blog when I go through a break up...but I'm going to disregard that comment, true though it may be (ok, but seriously Tash, it's not ALWAYS true. I faithfully updated for A YEAR when I was in Sierra Leone. Yeesh).

Here's the thing, though: I'm currently killing time in Edmonton after a university fair at the University of Alberta and the bar happens to have wireless internet access. So, as I wait for the clock to move forward, there's really no excuse for me not to update the blog. You might have noticed, it's been a while.

I really, really meant to update over the summer. I embarked on a number of artsy projects and you'd think I'd want to post the results here, but, my camera seems to be a bit on the fritz. I think I may need a new battery (which means I need to go to Future Shop...only it's not called 'Future Shop anymore...) and pick something up. I'll work on that. Maybe it'll make my 'to do' list for Friday. No promises.

As some of you may know, I've started a new job at Trent University as the recruiting and liaison officer for the Graduate Studies department. I love it! It might actually be the best of all worlds for me. Not only do I get to use my ridiculously mad skills at organizing (yes, organizing is a thing of beauty) and planning, but I get to travel around the country going to 'fairs' and talking to people. If you know me, you know this sounds like a very good thing. I feel really lucky to have this job, even though it's not a long contract. I've spoken to my supervisors about the possibility of me coming back to the same contract next year, and they seem positive about it ("We could have some continuity; that would be great!") and I'm considering my options now. I'm toying with the idea of doing some 'youth work' part-time in the New Year as there is a position that's come up that could be a possibility. Perhaps 'toying' is too blase a term. I'm thoughtfully considering it (no sarcasm implied here at all. No, really.). It wouldn't involve running a 'youth group' per se, but rather going into area schools and starting some extra-curricular programs as a way of connecting with youth in the community. What do we think? I could partner that with part-time work at the Peterborough Golf and Country Club and then return to the Trent job in August/Sept. It's either this, or flee the country again (in that vein, I'm thinking the UK or New Zealand).


For a visual, here is a random picture I downloaded from the internet when I did a Google images search for 'Edmonton Chateau Lacombe view."

I actually can see this if I crane my neck about 180 degrees. I'm not sure what those point rooves are, but I'm sure it's something important (the fine bar maid here told me it is the 'Muttart Conservatory" - a series of botanical gardens, greenhouse style here in North Edmonton).

Edmonton reminds me of a cross between Peterborough and Toronto. It has the 'green' aspects of Peterborough: a river, many trees, green spaces, but also the 'concrete' aspects of Toronto: big buildings, skyscrapers, old buildings. As I drove into the 'city centre' last night, the aesthetic evoked TO feelings. In the daylight, I see more green. This is my first time West of Ontario, and I can't say I've seen much... but now, at least I can say I've been to 7 out of 10 provinces and 1 out of 3 territories. I'm working on it. Maybe I can make it to Vancouver next year.

I will work on posting the 'crafty' pictures. I did do some crafts involving glass. I gave a vase to my sister for her b-day and have a collection of 'tumblers' in the attic at the moment. A friend of mine was hard-pressed to believe I'd made them myself. I did.

I'm just that good.


Rui said...

I let you know how New Zealand is by the end of November...hehe.

Emily said...

Boo! I hate you.


You deserve a holiday after all that time in Northern Ontario!

John said...

Ah yes, Sierra Leone...but let's consider were SINGLE FOR THE WHOLE YEAR (almost) so ofcourse you updated your blog! Yeesh yourself.