Friday, March 27, 2009's been a while...

Sorry I haven't kept up with the posts - the internet is slow and uploading pictures uses a lot of broadband and we tend to run out of it at the end of the month (aka. our internet slows to a crawl...rather frustrating).
At any rate, here are some photos of the boots I made over 'March Break.' We don't actually get the week off; staff have to participate in "professional development" activities. I decided to make these boots. I worked with an elder in the community and it took me ALL week. Everything was sewn by hand. The design was mine and it's not entirely 'traditional' but is more 'Indian' than 'Inuit.' They tell me the boots are more like 'mukluks' than 'kamiks' and that they are more like 'Metis boots.' Still, everyone seems to think they're pretty cool, and a few of my students didn't even believe I'd made them myself! Ha!
I'm pretty proud of them!
If you're wondering when I am coming home, my flight is booked for Friday June 26th....coming to a community in Ontario near you, soon!