Saturday, May 10, 2008

"head out on the highway, looking for adventure?"

You know, or whatever comes my way. And, incidentally, I can now drive on the highway whenever I want, since I now have a full 'G' license. At 26. I can do anything.

So here's a run-down on what's been going on and some of the decisions I've been making lately.

First of all, I finally applied to that internship with CAUSE Canada that I've been talking about for...well...years. This year the internship would have been working with women and promoting adult women's literacy. Unfortunately, I'm over-qualified. Ok, maybe not over-qualified, but the fact that I have had paid, overseas experience 'in my field' (as if anyone really knows what 'my field' is...puh-lease...I barely know what my own field is), but the fact that I have been paid to teach overseas disqualifies me. Tough love. So basically, now I'm not qualified enough to teach at other international schools, but I'm too qualified to be able to do an internship. And clearly, we all know I'm much too broke to volunteer. So woop-de-doo. Yeah. I said 'woop-de-doo.' So, it looks like the CAUSE internship door has been closed. Perhaps I can find another internship, but I fear the criteria would be similar - this was also a CIDA internship, so no, I can't really go that route. But, at least I have a very clear door shut. In my face. *sigh* (I bet it was a red door. I should have painted it black years ago, Mick).

I did also fill out a general application to CAUSE - maybe they will be able to find me a different position within their organization. But I'm not holding my breath. Because I'm partial to oxygen.

I've been offered a job (a bit undefined at the moment) at the American Academy in Casablanca, Morocco. I believe the position would be to teach music (although some art and drama would be involved) and I could take a grade 4/5 classroom teacher position if I wanted. While at first this might sound exciting, I'm resistant because of a few details. One, I believe the contract is 2-years. I don't want 2 years at this point. Two, the school is not yet accredited with the USA, although they may get accreditation in the spring. An unaccredited school doesn't look as good. Even AISF was accredited. And three, am I that into North Africa? Not really, although it would give me a broader perspective on Africa as a continent as my father suggested. But is it really where I want to be? And is it really doing what I want to do? I'm not sure that the answer is a resounding 'yes' to either of those questions.

I've decided not to re-audition for the Peterborough Singers for next year's season. This year was a good experience and I enjoyed getting back into singing in a choir and meeting some new people, but I don't think the Singers are quite the right fit for me. I don't enjoy the huge, religiously-based choral works we tend to do (although I have nothing against either religion or choral works, in fact I times I quite like both) but together and all the time they just don't provide enough variety for me. Plus, I've just started leading music at St. John's so I'd like to pour myself into that more - it's what I prefer to do. And I'm good at it.

I can't remember if I've mentioned a few of the other options I have on the go, but they look like the ones that might pan out more realistically over the next 6mos-to-a-year. Right now what I'm hoping for is to get the job I applied for that would have me working with the "Amigos" program in KPRDSB schools as a facilitator. I think it would be a good fit considering some of my background in special needs work - and also I'd be in and out of schools in the board and making some connections. Plus, being in Peterborough would allow me to FINALLY finish my thesis. (oh God, oh God...let's not talk about it), and also be closer to my family and some of my friends. Also, if I ever need to take a job in Toronto or Ottawa, I'm in a good position to move to either of those places eventually.

I also applied to be 'Assistant Head of House' at Lakefield College School - but I'm not sure what's going to happen there, and I'm not convinced I want to live out there either...although 'private apartment' does sounds nice...

I figure, if it all goes to hell-in-a-handbasket I'm going to take a job in Asia for 6 months and earn some money. That is my last-resort plan.

Ugh. So just a lot of things to think about right now.

What do you think?