Friday, April 25, 2008

...finding that place...

I think I'm getting there.

I have a sort of bubbling in my stomach and a fluttering in my heart, an excitement if you will. I can see connections and parallels and draw conclusions. I can make charts and more charts, analyse results, and write 1000 words in one breath (ok, fine. 2 breaths. And it's really on 869 words, but who's know, other than me?).

I'm up early today and within a couple of hours of waking I've managed to have my coffee, check my email, and finish writing the final report for my ethics review committee. I don't have any idea if it's actually what they want, but it's what I've written and it's within the length limit, and it looks specifically at 3 questions central to my research so it can't be that far off-base, can it?

Plus, it made me feel giddy.

Something that also made me feel giddy: searching for 2 book titles on Topcat and seeing "reserved for someone" in their 'status' section. Uh huh. That 'someone' is me. It's always good to be a somebody.

And then, another thing that's exciting, is when searching on for "Conflict and Collusion" (a book title, fascinating) finding that the hardcover copy is on sale for less than 50 bucks, and then, noticing at the bottom of the page where Amazon suggests 5 books you might also be interested in, that you actually already own 3 of them.

Yes, I'm just that elitist. And yes, that makes me excited.

Ok, really, what it comes down to is an affirmation of sorts (albeit through Amazon, so a teaspoon of salt is necessary here, rather than just a grain), an affirmation that I am on the right track at the moment, and that all my thoughts and requests for reading material are not for naught (ooooh, tricky homophone there, dang!).

So while I may be discouraged about the fact that 70% of junior teachers are being 'surplused' in Ontario, there is a hiring freeze in most Boards of Education, and my job prospects have been slim-to-none, I may be actually getting somewhere on my thesis which could do a lot for my self-esteem.

A good write-on always lifts my spirits!

Saturday, April 5, 2008

...times, they are a changin'...

Well then.

As most of you would have known, I was planned and ready to move out to Halifax at the beginning of May for who knows how long. All that changed in a blink of an eye, two days before Warren was supposed to move out there to find a job. He was offered a full-time position working with his brother's company (it's rather a long story, but don't worry it's not a conspiracy to keep Warren in Ontario), which means he'll also be getting a full-time pay cheque. Excellent news, really. After the initial shock (because we all know how much I love plans changing at the last minute), I am able to see the silver lining in staying in Peterborough. While I am disappointed not to be 'summering' in Halifax (it's just so beautiful there!) I am glad to be in Ontario this summer since, as per usual, I have no less than 3 weddings to attend, plus also a baby birth first! If I were living in Halifax I would most assuredly miss all but perhaps one of those events. Also, I do have a job here and now so does Warren so it would allow both of us to save some money. Additionally, moving around has its perks, but also its drawbacks when trying to get a 'real' job (I keep trying to explain to people that I've already had a 'real' job for year, but they keep not believing me. Apparently teaching in Africa is not as real as teaching in Canada. Hurumph. How Euro-centric. That is, if we lived in Europe....). At any rate, the long and the short of it is that I'm staying put for a little while longer.

Talking about Africa, it seems as though the continent doesn't want anything to do with me presently since all of my attempts to win gainful employment (or even not so gainful employment, I'm not so picky) have failed. I have one last hope left that I can apply for in April/May, so fingers crossed for that. Otherwise, I really have no idea what's next. While God is closing doors he hasn't yet started opening windows. Take that Julie Andrews. I guess this heavy snow fall and late spring is taking its tolls on more than just water levels.

Over Easter I had the pleasure of having Amy and Greg join me and some others for a Good Friday service and dinner chez moi. It was a well themed meal, complete with Lamb of God roast and Passion of the Christ passion fruit martinis. After the meal we played a hybrid version of Monopoly and Cranium, where it took me about 2 hours to get around the playing board once. As if Monopoly needed to be made any more drawn out.

Warren, Jen and Amy playing our extended-version. I think it's possible it could have played out for a week.

Amy and Greg. Cute little couple. You just want to squish their cheeks, dammnit!

If that's an update, I've done it.

Stay tuned for more news about whether or not I get to occupy the attic through the summer...if so, I smell a backyard party in the works!