Wednesday, April 29, 2009

...sniffle, snuffle, glub, glub...

Ugh. I've come down with a terrible cold - I've taken the last three days off work. It's gross. I sound like a man and my nose would be dripping like a faucet if it weren't so clogged. Bleh.

In other news, I've been applying to jobs down South...teaching options are a little bit bleak, but there is some hope! If you're the praying type, or the positive energy channeling type, or the finger-crossing type, please do any or all of the above for me. There are two positions I would like, one is with a private school outside Peterborough and the other is with a private school in Smiths Falls. I feel good about both options, but at the moment am leaning more towards the closer-to-Peterborough option simply because of location.

It's almost May and temperatures are heating up here. We're almost consistently into single digit minus temperatures here! This week it's between -10 and -5. That's practically zero! It snowed on Monday, but hey, what's a light dusting? The sun is out in full force, rising around 3:30am and setting after 9pm. Soon we'll be getting into the 24 hours of sunlight zone. I've blacked out my windows already.

This is the last leg of the race. There are about 7 weeks of school left now, and 59 days in the North. I just need to keep focused on the end goal....just...keep....going.

I can make it.
I swear.