Sunday, October 25, 2009's gonna be...

Check out the songs on this record:

1. You May See Me Walkin'
2. Crying My Heart Out Over You
3. Lost To A Stranger
4. I Don't Care
5. So Round, So Firm, So Fully Packed

Equate these songs to my life. Too easy, right?

Alright, here is some of what you've been waiting for...

Over the summer I made these tumblers out of recycled Perrier bottles. I experimented a lot with beer bottles before I really figured out the technique, but I think I've got the hang now...

I used a glass etching acid to frost the glass - I cut out the stencil shapes myself out of adhesive vinyl paper.

And that's how it's done.

One day soon I'll be wrapping some of these up as gifts. Keep your fingers crossed, one of these may be yours!

Less impressive pictures include stackable bookshelves made out of recycled records. These I have yet to fully perfect, but they're definitely cheap, look somewhat cool (cooler in person, I swear) and are functional.

There are also some spoons... but I don't want to give it all away at once. What will I post next month?

Stay tuned (I can sense your eagerness. Settle down).

1 comment:

Sarah said...

ooooooo NICE!! you always were a crafty one!!! luv the glasses.. and the record bookshelf is cool too.....