Friday, July 3, 2009


And I will...quite literally.

Well, it's been a whirlwind tour...I feel exhausted from all the travelling, but it's only half over. I still have another week to go in the Big City, family to visit, and doctors to see.

I've spent a couple of days doing some shopping and wandering the city trying to get 're acclimatized' to busy urban life. It's a bit overwhelming..and I grew up here! Obviously I've been away too long. Something else I find difficult is how often Toronto changes - nothing is where it used to be, nor is it where it was the last time I was here. Well, SOME things are...but honestly, I had to ask a waiter yesterday where the nearest movie theatre was at Yonge/Dundas. Because I DIDN'T KNOW! All I remember are the days when the Eaton Centre had its own theatre and you could see movies for $3.50. Where have those days gone??

On a plus note, the Thai place is still is the Winner's on College.

In case you were wondering.

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Sarah said...

mmmm thai.... I miss that place... :) glad you are having a good time in the 'south'...