Wednesday, June 24, 2009

...THIS IS IT!...

The other day (the other day)
I went up North (I went up North)
The frozen North (The frozen North)
A ways off course (A ways off course)

I looked at it ( I looked at it)
It looked at me (It looked at me)
I sized up it (I sized up it)
It sized up me (It sized up me)

North said to me (North said to me)
Why don't you run? (Why don't you run?)
I see you ain't (I see you ain't)
Got any gun (Got any gun)

And so I ran (and so I ran)
Away from there (away from there)
But right behind (but right behind)
Me was the North! (me was the North!)

Ahead of me (ahead of me)
There were no trees (there were no trees)
No great big trees (no great big trees)
That's bad for me (that's bad for me)

The nearest thing (the nearest thing)
Was the frozen sea (was the open sea)
I'd have to fish (I'd have to fish)
And trust my luck (and trust my luck)

And so I fished (and so I fished)
On the frozen ice (on the frozen ice)
But I caught no char (But I caught no char)
On the floe out far (on the floe out far)

Now don't you fret (now don't you fret!)
Now don't you frown (now don't you frown!)
'Cause I hunted seal ('cause I hunted seal)
Away from town (Away from town)

This is the end (this is the end)
There ain't no more (there ain't no more)
Until I see (until I see)
The North once more (the North once more)!

Ok, well, I never personally hunted seal or fished for char, but I watched them being done; stared intently at a steaming seal carcass out on the land and gutted and filleted quite a few fishes this year. I think I did my part.

School's out for the summer...and it snowed again today.

I hear it's, what, 35 degrees in Ontario?? The transition is going to be SWEATY.

We're supposed to leave Friday morning - 2 more sleeps and hopefully we make it out on time and there isn't too much of a fog issue (which has been a big problem lately).

I can't wait for the summer! I have a few project ideas planned and I'm hoping (but no promises!) to be a much more frequent blogger in the near future. Also, I will post pictures. Because I love pictures best.

Fingers crossed and see you soon!

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